Delivering the best sport experiences for our customers and sports partners
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Delivering the best sport experiences for our customers and sports partners

  • New role announced

  • Director of Live Sport Innovation and Community Engagement


16 April 2021

For close to 30 years live sport has been a significant and special part of Sky’s offer to our customers.  The innovations in sport production and broadcasting have been remarkable over that time, and our customers have enjoyed the best of sport from New Zealand and around the world.


Our commitment to our customers and sport partners is to keep innovating, keep seeking new and better ways to improve the fan experience, and ultimately to attract new sports fans.


It’s important work, and to keep driving innovation and engagement we have created a dedicated, senior role at Sky, reporting directly to the Chief Executive – Director of Live Sport Innovation and Community Engagement.  We are delighted to announce that Tex Teixeira has been appointed to the role.


Tex is an incredibly experienced sport executive and leader, having spent 20 years at SuperSport in South Africa before joining Sky in 2012. Tex is an expert in live sport origination and curation, and has an extensive network across sport codes, broadcasters and partners.


Sky Chief Executive Sophie Moloney said:  “Sky cares deeply about delivering the best live experience to our customers and on behalf of our sport partners.  We see the need for a direct focus on ensuring that fans return to stadia and sports venues to enjoy events in person as this also contributes to the best viewing experience at home.  We saw during the Covid-19 restrictions what it feels like to have no crowds – and none of us liked it.  Now is the time to supercharge our focus to get the fans back and to innovate on the overall experience, hence dedicating our most senior and experienced live sport curator and innovator in Tex to this role.


“I trust this appointment shows our commitment to our partners and to wanting to help our key sports to flourish in Aotearoa, with all the benefits that brings to the health and wellbeing of all Kiwis.”


In his new role Tex will:


  • Drive live sport innovation at Sky, including facilitating smart improvements to coverage and greatly improve fan experiences on Sky’s platforms.


  • Work with key stakeholders to deliver sustainable professional competitions in New Zealand that matter to fans, help build sport stars and elevate the fan experience.


  • Engage with sports partners, stadium operators, international bodies and media partners to supercharge the live sport experience, with an emphasis on bringing the fans back to the venues around New Zealand.


  • Lead Sky’s involvement and investment in grassroots and community sport.  Tex will also have special focus to drive equality in women’s sport and to encourage participation and engagement in sport across Aotearoa.

Tex will build strong relationships with communities across New Zealand, with a particular focus on Pasifika and Maori leaders to help sports teams and athletes in these communities.