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My Pet & Me


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My Pet & Me



Celebrating all the joy that pets can bring, this brand new series helps children appreciate what it really means to have a pet, highlighting the responsibility of caring for its needs while also showing what great fun you can have! Presenters Ferne Corrigan and Rory Crawford are both animal experts and each episode begins with one of them setting off to visit a child and their pet. What creature will we be meeting today? Once the pet has been revealed, we learn some fun facts about that animal breed. The child then shows the presenter what they do to care for their pet. Together, they enjoy some pet playtime and, illustrated by beautiful animation, the child imagines what their pet might do if it could do anything at all. Finally, they experience a really exciting event all together as a special treat. They might go to a dog show, take their pet to the vets, or even have a farmyard tea party. Whatever they do, they are sure to have a great time and learn lots of pet-tastic facts along the way.