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Wolves and Warriors


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Wolves and Warriors

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Saturdays from 19 January at 9:30pm Channel 076

Few other animals inspire such passion, excitement and fear as the Wolf. They’re mysterious, intelligent, protective and loyal, and in Wolves and Warriors we meet one group on a unique mission to rescue and care for these creatures. The series follows U.S. Navy veteran Matt Simmons and Dr. Lorin Lindner, the husband and wife team behind Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre (LARC), a private sanctuary that rescues wolves and wolf-dog hybrids whose lives are threatened by poachers, illegal breeders and other perils. LARC employs a team of veterans who help rescue and care for the wolves as a way of recovering from the traumas of war and to assist with managing their PTSD. For Matt, Lorin and the team, every mission is critical – from perilous wolf rescues, to investigations into underground fur-farms – and they all provide opportunities for combat veterans to heal and find their place in civilian society.


Wolves and Warriors reveals a rare glimpse at LARC’s rescue and rehabilitation work, including never before seen footage of wolf rescues. The series also offers an intimate look at the behaviour of wolves in the sanctuary, as they find their packs and court their mates.  In the series premiere, Matt and the team travel to rescue a grey wolf named Sadira from a backyard in Oregon, and later await the outcome of her life-or-death medical procedure. And later this season, LARC assists in the evacuation of a California sanctuary when its threatened by wildfire, and combats wolf poaching in the forests of Montana in a program called “Operation Wolfguard."