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Amanda to the Rescue



Amanda to the Rescue

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Saturdays from 18 January at 8.30pm Channel 076

With a joy and passion larger than life, Amanda Giese treats the seemingly hopeless animals in her Washington state home, primarily focusing on dogs that others have given up on in Amanda to the Rescue. Alongside Amanda are her two kids, Jade and Beast, and her partner Gary. Together, the family cares for animals in need and helps them get the second chances and loving forever homes they deserve. Where others see animals with no hope, Amanda sees an animal full of love who needs her help.


Throughout the season, Amanda launches large scale rescue missions across America to save dozens of animals with major medical or special needs, from being euthanised. She journeys to crowded California shelters that are overrun with displaced and injured animals from deadly wildfires; flies to Puerto Rico to help a dog rescue operation that needs assistance in their recovery efforts after hurricane Maria; and heads to Hawaii after the eruption of Kilauea to lend a helping hand by relieving the shelters of their overcrowdings. In each story, Amanda provides a second chance to animals that she says are “differently abled,” getting them rehabilitated and ready for adoption. Her goal and the mission of her foundation, Panda Paws Rescue, is to end the homelessness, abuse and neglect of all animals.