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Hanging with the Hendersons



Hanging with the Hendersons

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Part of Vet-tember

Saturdays at 6.40pm Channel 076

It’s all in the family with the Hendersons at Colorado’s Fox Hollow Animal Hospital, where an endearing family of vets has the treating and caring for animals in their DNA. Two years ago, the Hendersons got the attention of millions when now 30-year-old veterinarian, Dr. Ross Henderson, became a viral sensation. Video of the young vet strumming his guitar and serenading a nervous furry patient captivated animal lovers’ hearts. Now we get to meet the rest of the Henderson clan, and experience the joy and empathy they bring to every animal in their care - from parrots and puppies, to guinea pigs and goats. Fox Hollow a family-run clinic led by Dr. Tony Henderson and his wife Debbie with their sons Dr. Ross, Dr. Ryan, and Cole – who all grew up working in the clinic and two of them followed in their father’s veterinary footsteps. When life is about animals, laughs, hugs and family there’s no telling what each day will bring when you are Hanging with the Hendersons.