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Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters



Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters

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Mondays from 3 June at 9.30pm Channel 076

Nobody really knows what lies beneath, but you’re about to find out. The depths of the ocean have long been a mystery unsolved… until now. Angler and biologist Jeremy Wade has spent the last 35 years unearthing the monsters of our dark waters we were never meant to see. The bizarre (and the weird) are all put under the microscope in Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters, investigating and solving the myths and wonders of our planet’s most remote rivers, lakes and seas. He visits islands lost in time, explores reports of disappearing fish species, and potential genetic mutations that may have resulted in aquatic giants.


In the first episode, Jeremy is in Australia to investigate a terrifying underwater attack by a 2-metre beast in a remote outback river. Far from the domain of crocodiles or sharks, Jeremy doesn't know of anything in the area that matches the description. But as his investigation unfolds, he’s faced with the exciting possibility that a giant predator he once thought extinct could be fighting its way back. Be sure to tune-in to find out if through skill – and a little bit of luck – Jeremy evades capture from Dark Waters.