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Meet The Penguins


Meet The Penguins


Tuesdays from 13 June at 7.30pm Channel 076

Prepare to fall in love with one of the world's most charming animals; the African penguin. These loud and loyal birds win hearts with every waddle and are native to South Africa. While they may seem to have it all, their lives are increasingly under threat, with the penguin population falling 90% in the last decade.

Meet the Penguins goes behind the doors of Cape Town's Sanccob Seabird Hospital, where a passionate team are battling to save precious penguin lives. Each year, the Sanccob Hospital nurses 1500 struggling penguins back to health, giving them a chance to return to a life in the wild. Regardless of the penguin's problems or personalities, this tireless group of vets care for abandoned chicks, supervise swimming lessons, wash oil off feathers, stitch up shark bites, and pair off mates. Following the incredible life stories of the penguins who call Sanccob home, this series reveals the fascinating inner workings of life as a penguin.