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Puppy Bowl XV



Puppy Bowl XV

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Saturday 27 April at 5pm Channel 076

Ready, Set, Pup! Television’s fuzziest sports competition is back and celebrating its 15th year, the biggest to date, as Puppy Bowl XV, the world’s cutest sporting event, returns to Animal Planet In years past, all of the puppies and kittens that have participated in Puppy Bowl have been adopted to loving families. Animal Planet continues this tradition this year with a new set of adorable animals that are ready to tumble and fumble their way into their new homes. Tune in for this special two-hour event to experience all the fuzzy puppy faces from #TeamRuff and #TeamFluff who go nose to nose in the competition. While we will be sure to keep score of touchdowns and puppy penalties, these pups playing the game are sure to go big and go home - with their new loving forever adoptive families! Dan Schachner is back as ‘Ruffaree’ with his assistant, Shirley the rescue sloth who is keen to show off the slow-motion action throughout the game. We’ll also meet Shirley’s biggest and most enthusiastic fan club - a group of loveable baby sloths from Costa Rica’s Toucan Rescue Ranch sanctuary. Brace yourself for cuteness overload!