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Tuesdays from 2 July at 9.30pm Channel 076

Reptiles have walked the Earth for over 370 million years and with over 10,000 confirmed species, they're among the most diverse vertebrate groups known to humankind. It's no wonder that reptiles now rival dogs and cats as the most popular household pet. That's why shop owner Greg West, and his team of reptile experts and craftsmen are building some of the most unique terrariums on the market, tailormade for the needs of each individual reptile. In each episode of Scaled, the Cornel's World team meet a passionate reptile lover hoping to create a one-of-kind habitat for their precious scale babies. The team combine imaginative design with animal know-how to create showpieces that always have the animals' needs at the forefront. With clients all over the US, Greg and his team are changing the way we think about the care of some of the most amazing creatures on Earth!