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Secret Life of the Zoo



Secret Life of the Zoo

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Season 3

Saturdays from 13 April at 8.30pm Channel 076

Secret Life of The Zoo is back with a new season, taking you behind the scenes at the UK’s most popular zoo, the Chester Zoo, to meet the animals who call it home and the dedicated staff charged with their care, revealing wild stories from this iconic menagerie. The zoo keepers are doing the utmost to help breed endangered animals, and in some cases return them to the wild. The zoo's extremely rare ibises produce a batch of new chicks, who are destined to be released back into the wild in southern Spain. But one name Britney, is critically underweight and must be hand-reared. If she becomes too tame she won't survive in the wild. We also see extraordinary stories of rites of passage from all corners of the zoo – from rhino beetles battling for dominance, to cheetah Kinky Tail facing a major operation, and the 50th birthday of the zoo's elder statesman chimpanzee, Boris.