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The Aquarium



The Aquarium

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Saturdays at 7.30pm Channel 076

Georgia Aquarium plays a crucial role in aquatic conservation throughout the world, and in The Aquarium, viewers have unprecedented access to the aquatic animals and inner-workings of the Western Hemisphere’s largest aquarium.

Meet the amazing animals who call the 38 million litres of water at the aquarium home, including Pinkie, a geriatric thirteen year old Asian small-clawed otter with a reoccurring nosebleed; Tank, a very curious rescued green sea turtle who investigates an upgrade to his habitat; three harbor seals - Rose, Floyd, and Cerberus - who prepare to relocate to a temporary home within the Aquarium; a charming mismatched duo – Toby, the harbor seal and Hunter, the rescued California sea lion - who recently became roommates; along with the stories of the various fish residents such as jellies, piranhas and archerfish, known for their trait of shooting water from their mouths to knock prey insects into the water.


The Aquarium also highlights Georgia Aquarium’s ongoing efforts to protect aquatic species in the wild and in the first episode some of the staff travel to Cape Town, South Africa to help rehabilitate African penguins and assist in the release of a group of penguins back into the wild.