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The Zoo



The Zoo

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Season 2

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The first-ever series to go behind the scenes at the world-famous Bronx Zoo, The Zoo returns to Animal Planet for a new season. Sharing an unscripted look at the knowledge and diverse skills needed to operate a zoo, this groundbreaking series focuses on the level of care given to the animals, the bond that exists between the animals and the staff, and how the higher purpose of zoos and aquariums is conservation of species in the wild. The stories this season include Dave, a red kangaroo who bounces back from arthritic symptoms after undergoing cryotherapy; a look at the zoo’s komodo dragon breeding program; keepers training bats, preparing some hellbender salamanders for introduction into the wild; and how a keeper deals with their retirement after 31 years of caring for Happy, Patty, and Maxine, the zoo’s three female Asian elephants.


With full access to the entire Bronx Zoo's campus, located a mere 16km from New York's Times Square, The Zoo shines a light on a wondrous world of more than 6,000 animals and the 500-plus people dedicated to their care and wellbeing.