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The Zoo: San Diego



The Zoo: San Diego

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Saturdays from 18 January at 6.40pm Channel 076

Do you love animals? Interested in learning more about how animals interact with nature? Get an inside look at the 700 species and 6,500 animals that call San Diego Zoo Global home in the fun series The Zoo: San Diego, which offers a revealing, behind-the-scenes look at the zoo, whose mission is to save species worldwide while inspiring passion for animals and nature.


The fascinating and unique animals featured this season include pandas, giraffes, Galapagos tortoises, koalas, elephants, mountain lions, two baby cheetahs and a flock of ostriches called the “Spice Girls.” Get ready to watch California condors being saved from extinction, Joanne the gorilla celebrating her fifth birthday and meet the animal care teams dedicating their lives to this not for profit organisation that stands at the forefront of wildlife conservation.