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Wild Australians



Wild Australians

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Mondays at 7.30pm Channel 076

Head on a remarkable journey around Australia to meet some of the country’s most unique and fascinating wildlife in Wild Australians. This six-part series explores the stories of some of our iconic animals and how they must confront the realities of survival in a changing world, shows how environmental and biological factors connect wildlife and examines nature’s remarkable evolutionary creations like venom. Find out why the koala can survive the extremes of the Australian climate, from winter storms to searing heat, and how the cold-blooded lizards have evolved in incredible ways, despite living in the driest inhabited continent on the planet that is Australia. Explore the life of a sea lion and the unique animals that share its rugged coastal home and get dangerously up close to some of nature’s deadliest creatures and alchemists. Go on a journey of the true nomad - the emu - which holds a special place in the myths of Australia’s Aboriginal people and learn all about the many variety of possums, their fascinating social lives and their strategies and battles against predatory snakes and birds after dark. Experience it all, from deserts to rainforests, in Wild Australians.