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24 Hours in A&E


EP_BBC Earth_ 24 Hours In A&E

24 Hours in A&E


Season 14

Tuesdays at 8.30pm from January 7 Channel 074

24 Hours in A&E offers a dramatic and revelatory instight into the frontline of London's busiest Accident & Emergency unites where dramatic stories of love, life, and death unfold every day. While the first six seasons were filmed at the world's famous King's College Hospital in south London, season seven onwards - this season included - have profiled St George's Hospital in South west London, giving unprecedented access into one of the most advanced and busiest A&E departments in the world. 

Filmed around the clock with more than 100 cameras catching every moment, each instalment focuses on a range of people treated within the same 24-hour period, capturing the dramatic and emotional stories of the patients and hospital staff. From life-threatening traumas to embarrassing mishaps, 24 Hours in A&E is an intimate, powerful , and sometimes comical insight into life - and death - on the frontline of the NHS.