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EP_BBC UKTV_Grantchester_S3_October2018


Season 3

Wednesdays at 8.30pm from October 17 Channel 007

In the third series of Grantchester new Archdeacon Gabriel Atubo reminds Sidney that as clergyman he must put duty above his own needs and lead by example. Given the strength of his feelings for Amanda, is this something that Sidney can do?
On the face of it, Geordie is still happily married to Cathy.  But there continues to be an undeniable spark between himself and feisty police secretary Margaret (Seline Hizli).
Leonard was left heartbroken after Daniel (Oliver Dimsdale) left him for another man, but in this series he appears to put this behind him and find romantic happiness with someone else.  But will those around him allow him this happiness?
Mrs Maguire’s friendship with dashing Jack (Nick Brimble) develops, but can anyone ever replace her late husband Ronnie?
The heart of the show remains the friendship between Sidney and Geordie.  As they solve crimes in Grantchester, Cambridge and beyond, they each deal with personal crises at home, once again their unique and unlikely friendship is put to the test.
Peter Davison will guest star in the series as Geoff Towler, the village solicitor, captain of the cricket team and a man who rules his family with a rod of iron. 

Starring: James Norton (War & Peace, Happy Valley, McMafia), Robson Green (Wire in the Blood), Morven Christie (Hunted, Lost in Austen, The A Word)