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Earth's Natural Wonders



Earth's Natural Wonders


Season 1

Saturdays at 7.30pm Channel 074

Beautifully filmed landmark series that is the definitive story of some of the most amazing places on our planet, celebrating Earth’s greatest natural wonders and revealing the dramatic and extraordinary lives of the people and creatures that inhabit them.

Combining the very best science and natural history filmmaking, its spectacular photography gives viewers the chance to experience these mind-blowing landscapes and get caught up in the incredible stories of their inhabitants – from the Sherpa’s risking their lives to craft a route through hazardous icefall on Everest, to the Indonesian fisherman working with whale sharks to net their catch in the Pacific’s volcanic Ring of Fire. This beautiful series also uses groundbreaking graphics and super time-lapse filming to reveal the dynamic forces that formed our planet’s wonderful landscapes and continue to shape our world.