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Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me



Grizzly Bear Cubs and Me


Saturdays at 7.30pm from July 27 Channel 074

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan joins an innovative project rescuing orphaned baby grizzly bears with the hope of rearing them and returning them safely to the wild.

Gordon arrives at the Bubonitsy Orphan Bear Rescue Centre, Russia in the depths of winter as new bear cubs arrive from all over the country. He must quickly get to grips with taking on the role of mother bear - from keeping orphans warm to bottle feeding them day and night - as he has just six months to get them ready to survive back in the wild without their mothers. It'll be a bittersweet and tense moment when he has to release them. Will the bears manage to build a den to keep them safe for winter? Will the bears survive alone in the wild? And ultimately, will the project be a sucess?

Presented by: Gordon Buchanan (Elephant Family and Me, Reindeer Family and Me)