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My Congo



My Congo


Saturday 8 December at 8.30pm Channel 074

The Congo is often shown on the news as a desperate, war-torn place. But there is another side to this tragic country – a land of extraordinary wildlife, steeped in history, and close to the heart of one of its proudest sons, cameraman Vianet Djenguet. In this film Vianet goes on a wildlife voyage of discovery along the mighty eponymous river of his homeland. It is a journey from the vibrant city of Brazzaville, through great swamps, vast grasslands and pristine primary forest. Along the way, Vianet meets inquisitive baby chimpanzees, majestic forest elephants and elusive lowland gorillas. Seen through his eyes, Vianet offers us a unique insight into his homeland.

Presented by: Vianet Djenguet