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Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled

EP_BBCUKTV_Alan Davies 3_February 2018

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled


Season 3

Thursdays at 9:30pm from February 8 Channel 007

Hosted by Alan Davies and featuring an eclectic mix of A-list and up-and-coming faces, As Yet Untitled sits everyone round a small table for a discussion about... well, anything. There's no script, no rehearsals, no agenda, just the aim of being interesting and funny. All Alan has is an amazing fact about each of them, after which - who knows where the conversation will lead? It's this intimacy and free-form nature that spawns the kind of anecdotes and improvisational humour you won't get anywhere else. And then, at the end of the show, Alan and his guests have to come up with a title for that episode. Easy. Right?

Starring: Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek, The Dog Rescuers, Bob & Rose)