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Available from March 1

EastEnders favourites Kat and Alfie Moon feature in thrilling drama series Redwater, directed by multi-award winning Danish director Jesper Nielsen (Borgen) and written by EastEnders’ alumni including Life On Mars creator Matthew Graham. 

The picturesque village of Redwater is a peaceful idyll on the Irish Coast. Twenty years ago, a boating accident ripped the heart out of this village’s close-knit community, and the truth about the tradegy was left buried at the bottom of the harbour. For Kat Moon, an open-hearted woman from the East End of London, Redwater could be the key to making sense of her fractured past. She has come here to find her son, a twin taken from her at birth without her knowledge.

But as Kat dives deeper into the private lives of the people here, she risks being fatally swept up in the storm she’s started.