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Young Hyacinth

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Young Hyacinth


Thursdays at 8pm from June 29 Channel 007

Young Hyacinth is a prequel to comedy classic Keeping Up Appearances. It’s the late 1950s, and young Hyacinth dreams of her own home, matching china, and a bedroom painted in pastel shades. If her young beau William wants otherwise then, as far as Hyacinth’s concerned, he can have his own room – which she’s sure is more hygienic anyway.

Sadly, Hyacinth’s sisters don’t live up to her high standards. Daisy will never find a husband as long as she carries on wearing Daddy’s overalls. Rose brings shame on the family, carrying on with a different gentleman caller every day. And while Violet continues consorting with her married, moustachioed manager Mr Cartwright, she is inches away from shame and destitution.