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Dark Matter S3


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Dark Matter S3

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FRIDAY 5 JANUARY 7.30PM Channel 009

Do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is, BOX SETS is bringing you the New Zealand premiere of Dark Matter season three, so you can finally find out what happened to the ill-fated crew of the Raza following the EOS-7 space-station’s apparent destruction. The bad news? This is the last-ever season – but that’ll make the action, drama and adventure all the more exciting!

Dark Matter began with six amnesiac strangers waking up in a ship on the edge of space, and things only got more intriguing from there. This final season promises to deliver big on unpredictable sci-fi goodness, with alien possession, assassination attempts, space piracy and more, all leading up to a jaw-dropping series finale. 

“[Dark Matter] fits in everything that makes a space-opera series fun: lots of action, fantastic worlds, interpersonal drama, and interstellar drama.” – The Verge


Starring Roger Cross (Arrow, The Strain), Alex Mallari Jr. (Designated Survivor), Zoie Palmer (Lost Girl), Marc Bendavid (Bitten).


Box set starts 7.30pm Friday 5 January