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Boardwalk Empire


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Boardwalk Empire

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When alcohol was outlawed, outlaws became kings.


Atlantic City at the dawn of Prohibition is a world of contradictions. The free-willed flapper generation are clashing with conservative lawmakers, while gangsters, police and politicians fight over votes, dollars and deals. Ruling over it all is the shrewd Nucky Thomson; Treasurer of Atlantic County by day, crime boss by night. Supported by a host of back-alley characters including racketeer Chalky White, bootlegger Al Capone and prodigal son Jimmy Darmody, he’s up against Agent van Alden, a puritan working for the Bureau of Prohibition, plus rival gangs from beyond New Jersey’s state lines. 

“Like a good whiskey, it's rough and smooth in all the right ways. By a few episodes in, you'll want to order it by the case.” - Time

Starring Steve Buscemi (Golden Globe® for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama for Boardwalk Empire), Kelly Macdonald (Two-time Golden Globe® nominee for Boardwalk Empire), Michael Shannon (Two-time Academy Award® nominee). 


Season 1 box set starts 7.30pm Tuesday 26 December

Season 2 box set starts 7.30pm Tuesday 2 January

Season 3 box set starts 7.30pm Tuesday 9 January

Season 4 box set starts 7.30pm Thursday 16 January

Season 5 box set starts 7.30pm Thursday 23 January