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Game of Thrones S1-7


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Game of Thrones S1-7

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FROM MONDAY 1 APRIL 7.30PM Channel 009

Seven spectacular seasons across one epic week!


Winter may not be coming for a little while yet, but the final season of Game of Thrones is coming to SoHo on April 15th and SKY BOX SETS want to make sure you’re all caught up! Journey back to Westeros as we air all seven seasons of Game of Thrones across one magnificent week, from Bran’s fall all the way to the fall of snow on Kings Landing.

 “Stick with it. Free your eyes to take in the spectacle, and your brain will magically start following the intricate storytelling. And there's a magical realism to Game of Thrones.” – Entertainment Weekly

“Game of Thrones quickly finds that rare alchemy of action, motivation and explanation, proving, once again, that the epic mythology remains the Holy Grail of almost any medium.” –LA Times

Starring Peter Dinklage (My Dinner with Hervé), Kit Harington (Gunpowder), Gwendoline Christie (Top of the Lake), and Emilia Clarke (Me Before You).


Season 1 box set starts 7.30pm Monday 1st April

Season 2 box set starts 7.30pm Tuesday 2nd April

Season 3 box set starts 7.30pm Wednesday 3rd April

Season 4 box set starts 7.30pm Thursday 4th April

Season 5 box set starts 7.30pm Friday 5th April

Season 6 box set starts 7.30pm Saturday 6th April

Season 7 box set starts 7.30pm Sunday 7th April