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Jane The Virgin S3


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Jane The Virgin S3

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FRIDAYS FROM 20 OCTOBER 7.30PM Channel 009

Clear your calendar for a date with Jane.

Jane Villanueva – pious, hardworking and virginally pure – found her ordinary life suddenly mirroring her favourite telenovela back in season one, when she was accidentally artificially inseminated with her multi-millionaire playboy crush’s sperm. Two seasons later, she’s experienced proposals, break-ups, a birth, a kidnapping, undercover police conspiracies, a hurricane, a flood, stolen identities and a wedding that ended with a serious cliff-hanger gunshot. Jumping into season three, we’re promised even more melodramatic, hilarious and utterly binge-worthy goodness.


“A delightful and disciplined oasis of intelligent storytelling, kind-hearted aspiration, escapist fun… it’s as good as Breaking Bad.” – Variety

“If you’ve been holding off because the show sounded ludicrously soapy, give Jane a shot. Whatever your position on virginity itself, Jane is worth keeping.” – Time

Starring Gina Rodriguez (Golden Globe® Award-winner for Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy for Jane The Virgin), Yael Grobglas (Reign), Bridget Regan (Agent Carter), Diane Guerrero (Orange Is The New Black), Ivonne Coll (Teen Wolf, Glee), Brett Dier (Bomb Girls).


Season 3a box set (episodes 1-10) starts 7.30pm Friday 20 October

Season 3b box set (episodes 11-20) starts 7.30pm Friday 27 October