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Olive Kitteridge


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Olive Kitteridge

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FRIDAY 4 MAY 7.30PM Channel 009

There’s no such thing as a simple life.


Starring Academy Award-winner Frances McDormand in an Emmy-winning role, this critically-acclaimed HBO miniseries centres on the small seaside town of Crosby, the home of retired teacher Olive Kitteridge. Spanning 25 years, the series follows Olive’s complex relationships with her kindly husband Henry, the local pharmacist; their troubled son, Christopher; and the varied characters occupying their seemingly ordinary town. Sometimes witty and often heart-breaking, Olive’s tale is one of tragedy, jealously and startling realism.

“It is a marvel, from start to finish, a reminder not only that quiet lives are filled with many things besides desperation but that adult drama lives – and outside the realm of genre and period pieces.” – Los Angeles Times

“In this ceaselessly affecting work, hardly two minutes pass without some jolt, some perception touching on a raw nerve.” – Wall Street Journal

Starring Frances McDormand (Emmy® and Screen Actors Guild Awards for Olive Kitteridge), Richard Jenkins (Emmy Award for Olive Kitteridge), Bill Murray (Emmy Award for Olive Kitteridge), Ann Dowd (The Handmaid’s Tale, The Leftovers).


Box set starts 7.30pm Friday 4 May