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NZ Premiere

THURSDAY 26 OCTOBER 7.30PM Channel 009

Mennonite Christians clash with the Mexican cartel in this thriller of a series, inspired by an almost unbelievable true story.   

When Noah Funk – a modern-day Mennonite living a sheltered life with his family in Southern Ontario – is elected as pastor, he’s determined to rid his flock of the influence of cocaine, a drug that’s ravaging his tight-knit community. Forced to face the ‘Mennonite Mob’, headquartered in Mexico but using the North American Church as a means of cover for distribution, Noah must push his morals to their limits as he lies, cheats, fights, and disposes of the odd body here-and-there. But his mission in the name of God can’t be fought alone, and he’s soon forced to embrace an unlikely ally; his former high-school-bully turned Detective, Bronco Novak. Together, can they really bring down the most formidable cartel in the country?

“It has a lurid quality, involving murder, sex, drugs and terrible danger. But the series transcends the lurid “eyebrow-raising” element to become a taut, well-fashioned drama.” – The Globe and Mail

Starring Ryan Robbins (Arrow, Continuum), Alex Paxton-Beesley (The Strain), A.J. Buckley (Justified, Supernatural), Peter Outerbridge (Designated Survivor, The Expanse).


Season 1 box set starts 7.30pm Thursday 26 October

Encores 7.30pm Monday 30 October