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Season 1 box set starts 7.30pm Saturday 7th September Channel 009

Written, directed by and starring Julia Davis (creator of the original British series Camping), Sally4Ever is about a love affair that quickly spirals out of control. Mid-level marketing executive Sally, in an attempt to spice up her personal life, sets in motion a series of events that lead her to embarking on a wild affair with Emma and calling it off with long-term, predictable partner David. Unlike Sally, Emma is a free spirit and impulsive. She exudes sexuality and brings excitement to Sally's mundane existence. Yet before Sally knows it, Emma has commandeered her life in every single way.

“You'll laugh out loud at the characters' misery and awkwardness, and then feel awful for doing so. Like Davis herself, the show is like nothing else you've seen.” – Entertainment Weekly

“The true stars here, though, are the failings of human nature. Sally4Ever is the kind of comedy so dark it pushes straight through bleakness to a morality-play clarity: It’s an unflattering, fluorescent light on the manifestations of human self-interest and weakness.” – The New York Times

“I love everything about Sally4Ever, assuming it's possible to love something that at its most excruciating can only be watched through the gaps between your fingers.” – New Statesman

Starring Julian Barratt (Flowers), Julia Davis (Camping), Catherine Shepard (Peep Show), Felicity Montagu (The Durrells in Corfu), and Steve Oram (The End of the F***ing World).

Season 1 box set starts 7.30pm Saturday 7th September