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Sick Note S1


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Sick Note S1

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THURSDAY 23 NOVEMBER 7.30PM Channel 009

A little lie never hurt anyone.


Daniel Glass hasn’t had the best of days. His failing relationship is getting worse by the minute and his dead-end insurance job isn’t too flash, but that’s nothing new – the real bad news is that he’s just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. However, what seemed to be a curse soon appears to be a blessing in disguise, as everyone from his horrible boss to his girlfriend and family try to make the remaining days of his life as happy, easy and fun-filled as possible. And when his doctor realises that he’s actually been misdiagnosed, Daniel realises that remaining the pitiable ‘terminally ill’ guy may just be the best way to cruise through life…  

This brand-new British series, rich in black comedy, stars Lindsay Lohan in season two, which will also be premiering on SKY BOX SETS in the future.


Starring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter, Snatch), Nick Frost (Into the Badlands, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Nash Bridges). 


Box Set starts 7.30pm Thursday 23 November (OD)

Encores 7.30pm Monday 27 November