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The City and the City


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The City and the City

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This compelling adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel follows Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad, resident of the crumbling city of Besźel. When the body of a foreign student is found dumped on some wasteland, Borlú uncovers evidence that the dead girl had been involved in the political turmoil between Besźel and its prosperous twin city of Ul Qoma, which occupies the same physical space. To solve the case, he will have to embark on an odyssey of the mind, a journey across the border from one reality to another.

“The richness of the cinematography and the authentic noir atmosphere mean The City and the City is, rather appropriately, a show that feels like two things at once: a classic noir detective story, and a bold, high-concept fantasy sitting on top of one another; a series that's simultaneously comfortingly familiar and brazenly fresh.” - Digital Spy

“The language is a gift for scriptwriter Tony Grisoni, whose CV includes writing for Terry Gilliam and adapting David Peace's Red Riding novels: this dirty-dark fantasy drama occupies an exact midway point between both.” – Daily Telegraph UK

Starring David Morrissey (Britannia), Mandeep Dhillon (Some Girls), Lara Pulver (Sherlock), Maria Schrader (Deutschland 83), Christian Camargo (Penny Dreadful), Ron Cook (Mr Selfridge) and Danny Webb (Endeavour)

Season 1 box set starts 7.30pm Saturday 16th November