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Ben 10 Season 3



Ben 10 Season 3


Brand New Episodes

Fridays from 7 June at 7.35pm Channel 102

Ben 10 is back this month with brand new episodes travelling the world! While in Tokyo, team Tennyson checks out a Samurai Museum, where Ben is too impatient to wait out the calligraphy experience for the more exciting-sounding Samurai one, but when a dangerous Samurai sword is stolen from the exhibit, Ben must take on its thief - the new Big Bad in town, the Forever Knight.

As the team moves to Paris, Ben catches Zombozo the clown robbing the Louvre. Zombozo hypnotizes Ben to remain speechless so that he can get away with his crime. This leaves Ben needing to navigate a foreign land like a mine in order to stop the criminal clown and his travelling circus.

Enjoy all the alien adventures with Ben 10 every Friday on Cartoon Network.