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Weekends 9am to 9pm from 12 to 27 October Channel 102

Shriek-tober is the month long Halloween destination with all the best trick or treats on offer.

Trick yourself with brand new spooky themed episodes of Victor and Valentino, The Amazing World
of Gumball, Unikitty, Mr. Magoo, Craig of the Creek and Summer Camp Island.

Treat yourself with three brand new movies to Boomerang including two DC Super Hero Girls films and a Haunted Hollywood special of Lego Scooby-Doo!In Victor and Valentino, Victor accidently unleashes evil bats from a cave, it's up to the boys and Don to protect the town, but Victor's know-it-all attitude keeps getting in the way.

Gumball and Darwin start to think that Halloween isn’t as spooky as it used to be so they enlist the help of some local ghouls to try and get their scare back.