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Snack World



Snack World


Weekends from 2 November at 4.30pm Channel 102

Snack World is a brand new series that follows a lively boy named Chup. Chup is a hyperactive hero who embarks on adventures with his friends - Mayonna, Gobson, and Béarnaise.
Their main mission is to try and turn the tables on evil merchant Sultan Vinegar, who destroyed Chup's village and peaceful living. On their way to serve justice, the pals embark on a questionable side quest to defeat mythical Madusa and retrieve the Purple Eye for Chup's crush, Princess Melonia.
At King Papaya's request, Chup and his mates receive elite tactical training from forceful Commander Ciderfella. If they survive the Commander's boot camp, then Chup and said mates might have a shot at a real Madusa takedown.