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Victor and Valentino



Victor and Valentino


Brand New Episodes

Every Weekend from 11 January at 9am Channel 102

Cartoon Network’s supernatural adventure series - Victor and Valentino - is back this January with brand new episodes.
While spending the summer with their Grandma Chata, the rambunctious Victor and his more cautious half-brother Valentino soon realise that there’s more than meets the eye in their new town. The mischievous pair hilariously discover other-worldly beings, curious creatures from forgotten folklore and places only described in myths.
In these brand new episodes, Vic & Val are in awe of the new magician in town, but things go awry when they agree to help him out with a new trick - despite Chata's wishes. Victor and Valentino also attempt to prove their bravery by heading to a haunted island to retrieve a special doll, but Charlene and Pineapple are intent on getting it first.