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When Missing Turns To Murder



When Missing Turns To Murder


Tuesdays from 6 August - 7.30pm Channel 071

250,000 people go missing in the UK every year. Some are found alive, some have taken their own lives and others simply vanish. But there are vast numbers of cases in the UK where missing person investigations suddenly become the worst thing imaginable. This series reveals first-hand the impact on families, the police process, and the emotional and investigative shift ‘when missing turns to murder’.
Each episode is built around one resolved case - from the moment a family report a loved one missing, to the moment someone is convicted of their murder. Every case will be told in a present-tense, unfolding manner, seamlessly combining the police process and family emotions as a missing person investigation unfolds, building to the moment it turns into a murder investigation, and then ultimately to the arrest, charge and conviction of a killer.