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Alaskan Bush People


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Alaskan Bush People

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Season 4b

Wednesdays at 7.30pm Channel 070

The Browns are unconventional, unique and a little offbeat, living completely off the grid. Raised wild, they are the epitome of self-sufficient and have a strong connection to nature and have developed their own customs and even accents. Last season of Alaskan Bush People was a season of growth and rejuvenation as the family returned to the wild to settle in a new location: the raw wilderness of Washington state, situated in the most remote frontier of the lower 48. With wolfpack reuniting at the start, the season ended with mixed emotions: the Browns added a new member to the family when youngest son Noah married Rhain, but they also saw eldest son Matt leave the homestead to seek treatment for alcoholism.


There are more adventures, more challenges and more fireworks when Alaskan Bush People returns as they family continue to live self-sufficiently, strengthening their connection to the bush. The Browns are a family unlike any other, and with the wolfpack together – and growing – they’re determined to maintain their natural home in the wild.