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Alaskan Bush People



Alaskan Bush People

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Season 4c

Wednesdays from 11 December at 8.30pm Channel 070

New goals, new challenges, and new additions to the Wolfpack push the Brown family to their limits when Alaskan Bush People returns. After six months on the mountain in Washington State, the Wolfpack has fully re-dedicated themselves to the goal of total self-sufficiency they began in Alaska.  But winter is closing in and it’s a race against the clock as the Browns set out to achieve their dream of a big mountain ranch.


With land divided up amongst the Brown children, the family faces new wildlife threats on their mission to complete necessary infrastructure, including unique homes for each sibling. With winter only weeks away, preparation is even more critical as the Wolfpack grows by one member, with the addition of Noah and wife Rhain Alisha’s first child, Elijah. The family’s excitement around the first Bush baby is accompanied with new challenges, but Noah’s resourcefulness is called upon as he works hard to create practical innovations for his new son including a self-warming baby bath, a power-tool driven baby rocker and a castle house. Billy comes closer to his dream of running a fully-functional family and matriarch Ami continues to regain her strength and makes plans to start prepping for her garden in the spring. Throughout the season, the Wolfpack will work hard to accomplish their goals in pursuit of complete self-reliance, while mother nature and a freezing winter bring new trials and dangers to their mountain homestead.