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Alaska: The Last Frontier



Alaska: The Last Frontier

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Season 9

Wednesdays from 11 December at 7.30pm Channel 070

For over 80 years, generations of Kilchers have survived on the Alaskan homestead, passing down valuable lessons, techniques and skills while continuously learning new homestead practices necessary for the preservation of their unique Alaskan lifestyle. Now, the next generation must rise up like never before and take on new challenges and fresh opportunities to lead the Kilcher family into the future. When Alaska: The Last Frontier returns, weather on the homestead has become more unpredictable than ever and the family must strike back against a rapidly changing Alaskan wilderness, using proven Kilcher ingenuity on their quest for survival. A primary goal for the Kilchers is to expand their grazing land to remote Perl Island, an area without predators that will keep their animals safe. But the island’s tumultuous weather and perilous seas make it dangerous for the family to travel there safely. In addition, for the first-time ever in the series, Kilcher women Jane and Eve embark on the first hunt of the season, making their mark as leaders of the Kilcher family. This season is a true test of the tribe as the Kilchers continue to balance the need for progress while holding strong to family tradition.