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Aussie Lobster Men



Aussie Lobster Men

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Season 2

Wednesdays at 8.30pm Channel 070

Aussie Lobster Men follows the real-life dramas of six lobster boat captains as they risk it all in search of the world’s most prized seafood delicacy in the Southern Ocean - Australia’s deadliest stretch of ocean. With just ten weeks of the season left, it’s their last chance to put money in the bank until the fishing grounds re-open in spring. Against a backdrop of wild weather and treacherous seas, crews work night and day to haul in hundreds of kilograms of lobsters across slippery decks. Even a minor problem can turn deadly in a matter of moments and the nearest port is often hundreds of nautical miles away. Medical emergencies, mechanical failure, storms and underwater predators all serve as natural adversaries, and then there’s the volatile lobster price, which goes up and down most days. More than eighty percent of all lobsters caught in Tasmania are exported live to China and that’s what drives the per kilo price. If a captain gets it right, he can make a fortune. But get it wrong and he can lose it all.