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Blowing Up History



Blowing Up History

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Season 4

Sundays 7.30pm Channel 070

Blowing Up History combines scientific investigations with explosive CGI animation to reveal the hidden secrets of iconic buildings and monuments. Looking at both ancient and modern structures, the series explores how they were built, what they meant to society, how they were used, how they were lost and rediscovered, how they were restored and how they work. In each episode, new evidence reveals the myths and mysteries behind ancient civilisations and the iconic megastructures they built. How were the pyramids built and what lies hidden inside their secret chambers? How does the Parthenon stand against earthquakes? What sacred secret lies beneath the Mayan temples of Chichen Itza?


Using ground-breaking technology, Blowing Up History takes a closer look inside these ancient wonders and pulls them apart – stone by stone – to expose their construction secrets. This season looks at Peru’s mysterious Nazca Lines, the engineering secrets of Alcatraz, one of the greatest archaeological discoveries - Otzi the Iceman and more.