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Cajun Navy



Cajun Navy

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In the days after Hurricane Katrina, a group of ordinary citizens came together with one goal: to pull people from the water. The U.S. government had failed New Orleans, and it was up to the people to get the job done. These men and women hailed from all walks of life: fishermen, lawyers, pastors, housewives. This group — known as the Cajun Navy because its members caravanned down the highways, boats in tow — realised that their government wasn’t going to act in time.  All that united them was a love of boats and a deep-seated desire to help their fellow humans. In that storm, these men and women saved hundreds. Now, every year, communities across the south and eastern portions of the U.S. gear up for what could be the next catastrophic storm. With intimate access to these heroic groups of people during Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael, Cajun Navy chronicles the inspiring, spontaneous grass-roots rescue efforts from a movement that started during Hurricane Katrina and lives on today.