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Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine



Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine

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Thursdays from 27 June at 9.25pm Channel 070

Two years ago, Dave Turin (Gold Rush) left the mining world, setting out on new ventures. But the lure of gold was too strong to keep him away and so he’s making his return in the new series, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine. Dave spent years working alongside former Gold Rush star Todd Hoffman and earned the nickname “Dozer Dave” after spending countless hours bulldozing in the quest for gold. After his departure from Gold Rush people around the US started reaching out to Dave, asking for his help resurrecting their failing mines. Now, Dave is planning a spectacular return to gold mining, as he searches for a lost and abandoned mine to resurrect and chase the gold the old-timers left behind. Using his expertise, and the backing of financiers, Dave is on a mission to become his own mine boss and make his fortune in Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine.