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Diesel Brothers



Diesel Brothers

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Season 2

Mondays at 8.30pm Channel 070

The boys are back! Heavy D, Diesel Dave, The Muscle and Red Beard return with more badass builds and diesel shenanigans in a new season of Diesel Brothers! With their mega builds the stuff of diesel legend, the fun-loving ambassadors of truck culture have built an empire with their DieselSellerz business, bringing extreme tricked out trucks to fans across America. Long-time buddies Heavy D and Diesel Dave started the business by buying used or broken-down trucks that were headed of for the scrap heap. They tricked the trucks out for sale while posting their best pranks and stunt driving on social media, and millions of hits later, Dieselsellerz.com has become the destination for diesel lovers looking for pimped out trucks, crazy stunts, and hilarious antics.


This season, the crew transform a rundown Canadian logging truck into a custom Sparks Motors semi that can transport their biggest, baddest builds cross country. Heavy D gets inspired by Diesel Dave to attempt a death-defying stunt to show the world what a Diesel-powered Monster Jam truck can do. Professional off-road racer RJ Anderson enlists Heavy D to trick out his brand-new Ford Raptor and add some serious towing capacity. Meanwhile, the Diesel Brothers continue transforming their junkyard Bronco into an off-road beast for the Truff Truck rematch against the Goons and Welder Up, and Heavy D customises a brand new UTV, so his friend can break a world record at the live event.


With the boys building more mind-blowing trucks than ever before, this is going to be a season of epic proportions!