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Expedition Unknown



Expedition Unknown

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Season 6

Tuesdays at 8.30pm Channel 070

Ardent explorer and adventurer, Josh Gates has travelled to the ends of the earth investigating the greatest legends in history. Now, he’s back with his most daring adventures yet. From following in the footsteps of the real Indiana Jones to learn the truth behind the fabled Crystal Skull of Doom, to diving the Great Lakes in search of the Holy Grail of lost American shipwrecks, The Griffon, Josh takes viewers on exhilarating expeditions around the world. Armed with his quick wit, and trademark fearlessness along with cutting-edge technology, he is tackling new mysteries, new destinations, and making new discoveries in a pulse-pounding, new season of Expedition Unknown.


Josh’s enthusiasm for off-the-grid adventure is leading him to explore even more historic mysteries and archaeological puzzles. Join him as he dives into the frigid waters of South America’s Lake Titicaca on the hunt for the Atlantis of the Andes, hunts for a lost cache of gold in the Scottish Highlands and embarks on a quest for some of the most important relics in history…The Dead Sea Scrolls. This season of Expedition Unknown is filled with non-stop adventures that will leave you gripping the edge of you seat.