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Gold Rush



Gold Rush

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Season 10

Thursdays at 7.30pm Channel 070

Discovery’s intrepid gold miners are back for a monster new season of Gold Rush, and it’s every man for himself, as new mining restrictions in the Klondike change everything! Maverick Tony Beets is forced to abandon his expensive dredges and find new ground to mine with his family. Rick Ness leaves the Klondike to hunt for big nuggets on a claim outside of the old mining town of Keno. Parker Schnabel, now finally free from paying royalties to Tony, must mine his massive claim in just one year – that’s a third of the time it should normally take. What’s more, regulators have clamped down and restricted their use of one of the most critical tools in mining – water! With no choice other than to adapt and overcome, could this spell the end of mining in the Klondike? With all three mine bosses working new claims in different locations, the stakes are high, the gold hauls are huge, and epic adventures are guaranteed.