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Gold Rush



Gold Rush

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Season 8

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The gold miners of the Yukon are back for a new season of Gold Rush, and this year, the rivalry among them has reached new heights… but will they be able to put their money where their mouth is?

Before the mining season even kicks off, gold miner Todd Hoffman wagers a massive bet with 22-year-old Parker Schnabel; the two rivals set off on a head-to-head competition to see who can pull the most gold this season. It’s risky business; whoever loses will have to cough up 100 ounces of gold, worth more than US $100,000. It’s a bold move for Todd, especially after last year’s disaster, where his 5,000 ounce-goal was shattered in Oregon, after his mining operation went into meltdown. This year, Todd believes that he’ll be the ultimate mine boss by running three plants at the same time.

In the Klondike, young Parker Schnabel prepares for battle with his crew. He’s going to war on two fronts – not just with Todd, but his landlord Tony Beets. Over four years, Tony has taken US$2.3 million in royalties, this season, Parker has a plan to buy his freedom with a deal on new virgin ground. Meanwhile, legendary Klondike miner Tony Beets is continuing his on-going obsession with dredges. This year, he and his family set the goal to get their second dredge mining for gold.


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