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Gold Rush: White Water



Gold Rush: White Water

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Season 2

Thursdays at 8.30pm Channel 070

Television’s most dangerous gold mining is back. The Dakota Boys – Fred Hurt and his son Dustin – are risking it all in a death-defying hunt for gold in the remote mountains of Southeast Alaska. This season, Fred, Dustin and their crew are mining for nuggets in the raging torrents of glacier-fed McKinley Creek using heated wet suits to dive beneath the freezing plunge pools. But has the father-son duo taken on more than they can handle? The Alaskan wilderness is as brutal as ever, as they battle against ferocious weather, flash floods, falling boulders and hungry bears. The men also face catastrophic equipment failures in a mad dash to hit the jackpot that could make them millionaires.

Last season, the Dakota Boys’ quest for gold ended in disaster when a landslide sent a flash flood cascading through their mine site - just days after their biggest gold haul. This year, they’re determined to claim the pile of gold they know lies on bedrock beneath the creek bed. But with such unpredictable conditions, and pressed up against the clock, anything could happen. Can they tame the wilderness, strike gold and make it out unscathed?