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Masters of Disaster



Masters of Disaster

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Part of Disaster Month

Sundays from 5 January at 9.25pm Channel 070

Many of our modern-day devices are useless when it comes to surviving worst-case scenarios. What would you rely on in the face of catastrophe? Mechanic Beau Boruff, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, leads a team of experts who can source, restore and sell vintage devices to protect people from many of the inevitable disasters in the world.


The Masters of Disaster have transformed some of the most rare and strange items into means of survival in unthinkable ways. Boruff’s team created ethanol from an old-fashioned whiskey still to power most modern gasoline engines in a gas shortage. They also restored a 1950s OC-6 Crawler Tractor that’s able to climb any terrain, an 1880s Velocipede railroad handcar that could be a transportation necessity if highways run down and a 1920s well-drilling rig so fresh water is always available.  Follow Boruff’s highly talented crew on their journey to provide the world with the tools necessary to survive doomsday.