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Naked and Afraid XL



Naked and Afraid XL

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Season 4

Tuesdays from 12 November at 10.15pm Channel 070

In the new season of Naked and Afraid XL, 14 survivalists will test their skills on both land and sea. In the most gruelling challenge yet, participants strive to survive a treacherous 40 days and 40 nights on an isolated island completely detached from civilisation. Arriving by boat, four teams of three begin their adventures dropped in the brutal South China Sea, forcing them to swim through shark-infested waters to sun-scorched deserted islands of jagged rock beaches and impenetrable cliffs. 


The survivalists must work together to gather food and water, build shelter and make fire in this unrelenting waterworld.  While all 14 survivalists bring well-tested skillsets, two all-stars attempt an unprecedented 60 days surviving in the harsh equatorial wilderness. In an unforgiving landscape with snake-filled jungles and relentless typhoons, will the merciless conditions on this island inspire the survivalists to band together, or will the hostile environment be the very thing that tears them apart?